Popular wrestling star Alberto del Rio and his wife Paige have set aside their personal differences as they combine to help Hurricane Harvey victims.

The fighters received a lot of bad press for their personal issues off the ring but they have been praised for putting aside their problems for the sake of the Hurricane Harvey.

The Mexican hubby and his British wrestler wife reportedly paid for rooms for victims of the hurricane. They provided funds so the victims could get places to stay away from the danger areas in San Antonio.

Real names: Jose Rodriguez and Saraya-Jade Bevis received a letter thanking them for their support during the crisis. The letter has drawn controversies online as many argue that the deed was publicity motivated.

The letter read:

Upcoming Marriage Of Alberto And Paige

For fans of Alberto del Rio there is much to talk about as the rumors of his upcoming marriage with WWE star Paige is doing the rounds.

That has the WWE world excited as it is seldom that two superstars of the wrestling world decide to tie the knot. March 27th Alberto has announced on his Integra page that he would be marrying Paige on Wednesday. That would make the date to be 29th March. However, fans are still to hear the formal announcement of the marriage and more details of the same. Many fans were surprised to not find any picture of the couple and their proposed wedding on social media accounts where both are usually very active. There was a Periscope broadcast where Del Rio asked Paige when the wedding would take place to which she answered that it would be in June.


Former WWE champion with alias Alberto Del Rio, currently wrestling on the independent circuit as Alberto el Patrón, was not present for his Asistencia Asesoríay Administración (AAA) bout last Sunday.

Being one of Mexico’s most popular wrestlers, his absence was a surprise, although there had been rumors and speculation that the wrestlers was in Orlando, to make his debut for TNA’s Bound for Glory event.

According to a post on his Instagram page, El Patron’s reasons for not showing up for the match were very serious: he was the victim of a stabbing attack.

The former WWE superstar posted a statement on all of his social media profiles documenting what happened behind the scene: 

Del Rio To Fight Britain’s Best

Alberto Del Rio would be reportedly fighting against the best of Britain’s wrestling at the famous PCW (Preston City Wrestling). The famous Mexican WWE champ would be joined in the fights by 5 erstwhile WWE stars such as Matt Hardy, John Morrison, Justin Gabriel, Chris Masters & comic hero Eugene.

These 6 former WWE stars including Alberto are all geared to battle best of British wrestlers soon. PCW would be hosting 3 shows- on 13th march as well as the afternoon & evening of March 14. “Road to Glory Weekender” would feature the Mexican hunk as well as all the other 5 WWE veterans in his team.

March 13 will host a grand sixteen-man knockout championship that will offer the winning fighter a great shot at Heavyweight PCW Championship. The Mexican star would be taking on T-Bone. Son of renowned Dos Caras & nephew of famous Mil Máscaras, the dapper Mexican is a part of an extremely elite wrestling family in Mexico.

He has captured 4 world titles across his 4-year term with WWE & also triumphed with Royal Rumble 2011. It’s to note here that T-Bone is an erstwhile Heavyweight PCW champ & part of seemingly undefeatable Team Single.