Alberto Del Rio Biography

Alberto Del Rio is a professional wrestler from Mexico who is under contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE and he makes appearances on the RAW brand of the company. Born Alberto Rodriguez on the 25th of May, 1977 in San Luis in one of the most notable and famous wrestling families of Mexico, del Rio has won the WWE championship twice already in his short stint with the company and has also won the Money in the Bank Ladder match on RAW as well as the Royal Rumble of 2011, which was hailed as the biggest Royal Rumble match ever with 40 participants taking part in the match. His father Dos Caras was a famous wrestler during his time in the Mexican professional circuit and so were his two uncles and two cousins. Before being signed by the WWE, Alberto Del Rio performed under the ring name Dos Caras Jr. as a luchador in Mexico and sometimes as a mixed martial artist in Japan. The literal meaning of Dos Caras in English is Two Face and this is due to the fact that he had the symbol of a double headed eagle on the mask that he wore during his days as a luchador.

Although he was being trained in the art of Greco-Roman wrestling, Del Rio graduated with a degree in architecture. His skills in the Greco-Roman wrestling style earned him a place in the Mexican national wrestling team and with the team, he achieved plenty of success. He was the second runner-up in the World Junior Championships of 1997 that was held in the Czech Republic as well and won a medal at the Pan-American Games. Alberto Del Rio was supposed to travel with the Mexican national wrestling team to Sydney for the 2000 Olympic Games but when the team withdrew from the Gamed due to lack of funding, Del Rio turned to professional wrestling.  He competed in various associations of wrestling including the AAA, the CMLL as well as in the Florida State Championships.

It was his performances at the Florida State Championships that caught the eye of the WWE executives and they quickly moved in to sign the talented Mexican, beating off competition from Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling or the TNA. Alberto Del Rio made an immediate impact in the WWE and he soon had the championship belt around his waist and with his career just beginning to blossom in the company, it is highly likely that he will add a few more titles to his collection as well.

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