Upcoming Marriage Of Alberto And Paige

For fans of Alberto del Rio there is much to talk about as the rumors of his upcoming marriage with WWE star Paige is doing the rounds.

That has the WWE world excited as it is seldom that two superstars of the wrestling world decide to tie the knot. March 27th Alberto has announced on his Integra page that he would be marrying Paige on Wednesday. That would make the date to be 29th March. However, fans are still to hear the formal announcement of the marriage and more details of the same. Many fans were surprised to not find any picture of the couple and their proposed wedding on social media accounts where both are usually very active. There was a Periscope broadcast where Del Rio asked Paige when the wedding would take place to which she answered that it would be in June.

Both have been dating for a year now and their relationship was made public in May 2016. It is said that both hooked up during WrestleMania 32. Paige proposed to Del Rio in October 2016 and Del said yes and sealed it with an engagement ring. The relationship has been talked about and showcased a lot since then. The couple’s relationship has been a documentary in Total Divas season as well as part of the E! Reality Series. The recent episode revealed that the two broke up briefly when they were assigned different shows in the 2016 draft of WWE. At that time Paige stated that she was sad as he was the only guy she has loved and she did not want to have a long distance relationship where they would only get to see each other once a week. Alberto Del Rio is now no longer in contract with WWE and that will probably make it easier for both of them to get married.